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Filipino engineer killed in Jeddah car accident
05/25/2007 10:43 AM

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A Filipino civil engineer was killed after a police patrol car chasing another vehicle slammed into his car in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia early Thursday.

News site Arab News (www.arabnews.com) reported Friday that victim Diosdado Santiago, 50, had just returned to work after an emergency leave in the Philippines.It said Santiago was driving along a road in Al-Salamah district when a speeding police patrol car chasing another vehicle slammed into it. The Arab News report said nurses at the hospital said the victim was brought to the emergency room at 7:40 a.m. and declared dead at 8:05 a.m. after attempts to revive him failed."

He sustained bone fractures from the left face down to his left leg," said one nurse. Hospital staff said they were told that the police officer involved in the accident was at another hospital, in "critical condition."Santiago's colleagues said both the victim's and the police car were heavily damaged. Santiago, a site engineer at Al-Bihar Construction Co., was on his way to their project site in Muhamadiyah from another project on Malek road when the accident happened,He was a native of Lubao in Pampanga, President Arroyo's hometown.

A hospital worker cited a Red Crescent staff who said they needed six minutes retrieving the patient from the wreckage of his car and taking him to hospital.Larry Domingo, one of Santiago's friends, said the victim arrived in Jeddah from a 20-day emergency leave to the Philippines on Sunday. He was just on his third day at work when he met his fate.Santiago was said to have been working in the Kingdom for 22 years and that his family is in the Philippines. - GMANews.TV

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