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September 26, 2007

OFW couple loses son in freak accident in Saudi
09/26/2007 03:50 PM

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The five-year-old son of an OFW couple in Jeddah slid and fell under a trailer truck that almost ran over him on Sept. 19. He died of internal injuries after 30 minutes.Adnan Catapang would have turned six years old on Oct. 27.

He was about to enter a store in their neighborhood at around 5:30 p.m. with a Sudanese friend of his father when he accidentally slipped and fell right under a parked 16-wheeler trailer truck. Before Adnan could get up, the truck driver who bought something from the same store started to roll, pinning down the boy. Adnan did not die right away. He was still on death throes when his father saw him. He is the second child of Omar, who has been working as denter/mechanic at Al-Suhaibani Co. in Jeddah and Maisa, a beautician in Riyadh.

Omar has been in Saudi Arabia for almost 20 years. Maisa has just recently returned from the Philippines.Both parents were at work when the accident happened.

Omar said he was about to take an afternoon break when one of his co-workers came rushing to tell him about the accident. He promptly ran to the store in the next street and brought the boy to the nearest clinic. But the clinic did not have the necessary equipment to treat the boy, so they moved to a hospital about 10 kilometers away, but Adnan already stopped breathing before they could reach the hospital.

Police detained the truck driver, a Bangladeshi. Editha Bardoni, an aunt of Adnan’s mother, said Adnan’s body bore a lump on the nape, making them suspect the boy died of internal hemorrhage.

The Catapang couple is inquiring from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) if they could be entitled to any assistance over the loss of their young son. - Ronaldo Concha, GMANews.TV

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