Wednesday, November 19, 2008

April 29, 2008

2 Pinays who gave birth in Jeddah cell, 6 others, to return home
04/29/2008 02:32 PM

MANILA, Philippines- Two Filipinas who both gave birth inside a Jeddah deportation cell, along with six other Filipinos left Saudi Arabia Monday night and are bound to the Philippines, an official said.According to Romeo Pablo, Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) Welfare Officer, six unnamed Filipinos left Dammam last night upon the consul's endorsement.Two Filipina mothers, Shahani Odin and Zubaida Insiang were also returned home along with their new-born babies Ahmad Odin and Abdulaziz Insiang.

“They are the last stranded Filipinas endorsed to leave Saudi, “Pablo said.The Filipinos were on board an Ittihad (EY-428) flight that left Saudi Arabia on the night of April 28.The runaway Filipinas were endorsed by Consul General Ezzedin Tago for deportation last February.

Pablo explained that Odin and Insiang’s repatriation to the Philippines was earlier moved from early April to last night after the two unexpectedly gave birth inside the deportation cell.Based on their list, Pablo said all distressed female overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) offered the legal deportation process by the consulate have returned home.

Six other Filipinos are left in Damman while another is still inside the deportation cell in Jeddah, Pablo reported."Right now we are still finishing the summary of all stranded OFWs who were endorsed by the consulate and have already been repatriated

," he said.Almost 200 runaway and distressed OFWs under OWWA’s care underwent the legal process of deportation as endorsed by the Philippine consulate since February.

The first one to be deported this year was Leonora Somera, the 65-year-old shepherdess who worked in Saudi for 18 years and lived in the consulate’s office for two years.The lack of flights caused by the high volume of Saudi departures and the issuance of the clearance from immigration officials were the reasons Pablo enumerated as the causes of delay in the repatriation of the OFWs. - Ronaldo Concha, GMANews.TV

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