Saturday, November 15, 2008

March 11, 2008

Pinoy faces death in Jeddah for killing an Indian, injuring another
03/11/2008 07:57 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A Filipino laborer in Saudi Arabia may soon be added to the growing list of overseas Filipino workers on death row for killing an Indian and injuring another in the Al-Hendaweyah district.

The Philippine consulate in Jeddah declined to identify the Filipino worker by name, except to say that he hails from General Santos City in South Cotabato.He was arrested five days after the incident in another Filipino’s dwelling and confessed to the crime.

The killing happened on the night of Feb 29 in a commercial center where the Indians worked. The Indian who survived said he and his co-worker closed the store they were tending to wash their hands before praying. When they came back, he said they saw the Filipino standing near the cashier’s booth.

He said his companion closed the door but the Filipino quickly caught on him and stabbed him with a knife. His companion died on the scene.Meanwhile, the driver of the cab the Filipino hailed to escape reported to the police that the suspect got down at Al-Bogdadeyah district.

Sources at the Philippine consulate in Jeddah said five other Filipinos had been dragged into the incident, including one in whose place the suspect was arrested five days later. - Ronaldo Concha, GMANews.TV

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